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13 Nevada Waterfalls

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  As one of the most arid states in the country, Nevada may not share in the presence of breathtaking waterfalls in neighboring states like Arizona, California or Oregon. Though those who have an appreciation for the desert can find a meditative quality in coming across the areas with streams, freshwater springs, and year-round waterflow in places that are otherwise hot and dry most of the time.¬† While much of the state's landscape of over 300 mountain ranges and valley floors that once lied beneath ancient seas were formed in part by water - either inland seas or flash flooding - in current times there is much less water present, with ...

20 Nevada Hot Springs


  (Actually... 23 Nevada Hot Springs)   We got out of the car, excited to see a small pool of water in the place that we had hoped to see one. The last dozen or so miles of the drive was down a rutted dirt road, and after hitting more than a couple jarring ¬†holes without enough time to bring the car's speed down, we did the long drive slowly, checking the trip odometer judiciously as the setting sun left its glow across a wide plain of sagebrush with few discernible landmarks to use as reference points. Nevada's natural hot springs are remarkable because the state has more of them than anywhere else in ...

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