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International Car Forest of the Last Church

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  The International Car Forest of the Last Church   On the outskirts of the mining town of Goldfield, Nevada - a population of only a couple hundred people in a town without even a gas station on Nevada's Highway 95 - is an installation that is part outsider art and part surreal junkyard called The International Car Forest of the Last Church. Though no signs will direct you there, and nothing will explain the history or motivations behind it even after you arrive, the sprawling collection of vehicles - cars, limos, busses, and delivery trucks - rise upended down a few double track dirt roads near Goldfield's southern en ...

Basin And Range


  Conflicts over use of Nevada's Garden Valley is the location of Michael Heizer's land art project, City, led to the region being designated¬†a National Monument.   Michael Heizer is an artist known for his creation of large works of 'land art', typically sculptures, or 'negative sculptures' created by displacing large amounts of dirt and stone and left on location, primarily in desert regions of the American Southwest. Started in 1972, Heizer's project, known as City, covers an area nearly 1.5 miles long and a quarter of a mile wide in Nevada's Garden Valley. However, over that time, the federal government has eyed Garden Valle ...

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