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basin and range national monument, nevada


Conflicts over use of Nevada’s Garden Valley is the location of Michael Heizer’s land art project, City, led to the region being designated a National Monument.


Michael Heizer is an artist known for his creation of large works of ‘land art’, typically sculptures, or ‘negative sculptures’ created by displacing large amounts of dirt and stone and left on location, primarily in desert regions of the American Southwest.

Started in 1972, Heizer’s project, known as City, covers an area nearly 1.5 miles long and a quarter of a mile wide in Nevada’s Garden Valley. However, over that time, the federal government has eyed Garden Valley, and neighboring Coal Valley, as a possible transportation corridor for spent nuclear and radioactive waste being moved by railroad to a repository in Yucca Valley. Heizer, nearing completion of City after 44 years adjacent to his ranch, has promised to demolish the land art project if the railroad line was constructed.

Working in conjunction with several art museums, Nevada Senator Harry Reid in 2014 introduced a bill that would preserve over 805,000 acres in the area, thereby preventing the region’s use as a transportation corridor for the nuclear waste. In 2015, the area was designated the Basin And Range National Monument.

Due to its secluded location, very few photographs exist of City. These were taken after scaling a mountain 2.5 miles away from Heizer’s ranch and land art project. On this day, wind blew storm clouds across the landscape which erupted in cloud bursts of rain sporadically, while below, bulldozers stirred up dust while moving across the southern end of the City project.

Fossils and wild flowers line the top of the mountain. Over the course of the day, we saw a single other vehicle driving across the dirt road that stretches across the valley. The movement of the bulldozers in the distance combined with the shadows drifting over the valley floor were soothingly hypnotizing.

City is not complete and not open to the public. However Heizer has several other land art projects which can be visited, for those willing to make the drive.


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michael heizer's city land art project in nevada's garden valley

City; southern end


michael heizer's city land art project in nevada's basin and range national monument

City; northern end



City under active construction


nevada fossil

mountaintop fossils



overlooking Nevada’s Garden Valley


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