Sneaking into the Go Go’s!

A picture taken at the final show of the Go Go’s Farewell Tour in Los Angeles… Not the show described below, but we snuck into this one as well!


Sneaking into the Go Go’s!


The Go Go’s have the honor of being the band who I’ve snuck into see on more occasions than any other band. Owing it to the band being one of my favorite groups of any era, coupled with their tour circuit of medium sized venues lacking in serious security in their waning years, at the time of their breakup, the running total was me: 5, venue security: 0…

The second time I saw them play was in Reno at the Silver Legacy casino theater in 2011. After having hitchhiked from Oregon to Nevada – with a break in hitching in order to float in a sporting goods store inflatable raft along the Sacramento River between Redding and Sacramento – my girlfriend and I found ourselves in Reno on the night of their casino show.

Having spent the day hitting the thrift store for the perfect 80’s throwback outfits, along with some respectable black polo shirts and pants similar to what the casino theater employees wore, in the evening we followed the crowd into the theater lobby before ducking down the employee hallway and walking briskly through the back entrance into the theater.

Without a second glance from the person working the employee entrance, we walked into the crowd, whisked off the respectable clothes revealing neon dresses and silver bedazzled lightning bolt tank tops beneath, sipping from the booze we smuggled in and proceeding to push to the front of the stage and dance through the set!

As with any successful night in downtown Reno, we eventually ended up at Shooter’s to celebrate (they’ve cleaned up recently, and I hear the bartenders aren’t allowed to pole dance on the bar back anymore, but trust me when I assure you that this bar lived up to the dive-iest of standards, or lack thereof, in 2011).

Following the band’s breakup, I’ve had to settle on infiltrating Belinda Carlisle’s solo shows waiting for the inevitable Coachella reunion a few year’s down the road…

Beauty And The Beat is still one of the greatest records ever!

-DJ Crymetyme   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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