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Growing up in a pre-internet age, the punk scene in my area was great at creating its own hype, fostering a network of touring bands, and encouraging a culture of passing around cassettes since there was little hope of any mainstream music outlets broadcasting the bands.

Cut to a generation later and the internet has presented what basement shows and low cost 7″ records had existed for: for those passionate enough to create music and be heard without radio play. Music became accessible over an endless range, rather than being confined to local scenes.

While college stations in my area never really had the numbers or range to compete with larger commercial radio stations, they did have people like me adjusting my antenna and listening through the static to the programs that played a mix of underground music. Today a large part of my goals as a radio programmer is to pollute the airwaves with passion and talent that mostly goes overlooked by commercialized networks.

Around 2010, I first heard about Odelo, a duo of Bosnian musicians, on some internet blogs that focused on smaller DIY pop bands. Odelo put out a handful of songs over the next couple years, revealing almost no other information about the project, and then disappeared. I had put these songs on my ipod before Odelo, myspace, and those songs faded into the internet ether.

These songs still occasionally pop up on road trips when I have that broken Ipod on shuffle. And to my knowledge those songs, at least the ones that can still be found, are next to impossible to pull up online without some serious and focused digging. The others I haven’t been able to find any trace of online anymore.

So I uploaded them onto a video. I’m not really sure what has become of the pair of members, but at least the songs are slightly less impossible to find now…



  1. (0:00) Best Show In Town
  2. (3:59) For Isabel
  3. (6:55) Song For Natasha
  4. (13:10) Valentina
  5. (21:15) For Masha

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