Lazy B Guesthouse Ranch

Abandoned Lazy B Guesthouse Ranch Brothel in Fallon, Nevada

The facade of the Lazy B Guesthouse Ranch sits on the outskirts of Fallon, Nevada – what remains of the brothel is as no-frills as the brothel itself was during its tenure of service.


The Lazy B Ranch was a small brothel sitting just east of the town of Fallon. Opened in 1975, the ranch was located along Nevada’s Highway 50 near the mining and ranching operations of the north central region of the state, along with the nearby Fallon Naval Air Station. The ranch operated during the peak 1980’s era of Nevada’s legal houses of prostitution with 35 located and operating throughout the state.

Though the later years of the Lazy B would be during a tumultuous time for Fallon’s brothels, with the nearby Salt Wells Villa having been firebombed in 1977 in an arson where the sheriff’s wife was later found guilty, and an increasing campaign by some of the local religious community to outlaw legal prostitution in the area. During its open years, a rule was made forbidding servicemen at the Naval Air Station from visiting brothels.

Its rural location also forced the brothel to be self-reliant for water and power, and it made use of propane and a diesel generator for power, along with depending on a well for water. However the well water was too salty to consume, so drinking water had to be hauled in and girls would travel to the nearby Salt Wells Villa to shower.

In 2004, Churchill County, where the Lazy B was located, would see a contentious ballot initiative to ban brothels within the county, though in the election, the ban would fail by a 3-2 margin. However the brothel’s issues with the cost for water and power, combined with the slow business visiting the smaller establishment would lead to the brothel closing before the election.

The nearby Salt Wells Villa would also shutter in 2007, and the closed building was soon after burnt down under suspicious circumstances, discouraging the owner of the property from reopening. Though the Lazy B’s remains escaped the wrath of the local arson-inclined opponents to prostitution, the few structures which made up the brothel have been weathered and used as a junk storage site.

Currently, no open brothels remain in Churchill County.


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Abandoned Lazy B Guesthouse Ranch Brothel in Fallon, Nevada
The bar, located inside the front door of the brothel.

One of the bedrooms of the brothel.


Abandoned Lazy B Guesthouse Ranch Brothel in Fallon, Nevada
Stained glass in the bedroom window.

Abandoned Lazy B Guesthouse Ranch Brothel in Fallon, Nevada
An adjacent trailer on the property.


Abandoned Lazy B Guesthouse Ranch Brothel in Fallon, Nevada
An adjacent trailer to the main building.

Kitchen of an adjacent trailer.

Kitchen detail.

The former brothel currently used for storage.

Bar and parlor area.


Recreation at the brothel…



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