unearthed tracks: Co-Ed – A Split Recording

In the late 90’s, a power pop trio called Co-Ed made an instant impression upon first seeing them at a local show. Based out of the Claremont, California area, the group had such an immediately radiant feel to their performances, often joking back and forth between songs, all smiles, and playing with an upbeat catchiness that far betrayed some of their lyrics of uncertain relationships (although they also sang about the at-the-time staple X-Files TV show).

I remember seeing them play often in Orange County at venues like Koo’s Cafe and Public Storage/Chain Reaction, and they put out an album (Sometimes, Always, Maybe, Never), a 7″ (the Soft Constant ep), and a split CD with an Arizona group called Pollen – the split being Co-Ed’s best tracks.

There isn’t much online about the band, whom it seems may have just run their course of performing locally and leaving a couple releases in their wake, then moving on. Though I still pull out their records every now and then, and often play their songs on my Nocturnal Transmissions radio show.

It came about in looking to add their songs to my on-air playlist that Co-Ed’s tracks from their “A Split Recording” CD with Pollen are not available on any streaming platforms, and most tracks can’t be found online at all. So I pulled their CD (it turns out a ridiculously labor-intensive endeavor considering the lack of CD-playing devices I currently own and the impossibility of pulling music from an old iPod) and put those songs online in hopes that others might enjoy this music as much as I have over the years.


A Split Recording


  1. (0:00) Going, Going, Gone
  2. (3:26) Maybe
  3. (5:32) Lost
  4. (9:01) Eeyore
  5. (12:07) Your Life Story
  6. (14:40) Cook St. Detour

Though the band has no internet presence, you can find their recordings on the Cool Guy Records Discogs page.


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