Punk Rock Bowling 2019

Punk Rock Bowling Festival 2019.

Pictures from the annual beer-soaked festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.


With over 50 bands on the festival’s two stages, along with nearly two dozen late night club shows taking place in bars and venues throughout downtown Vegas over the weekend, Punk Rock Bowling mixes music, pool parties, a poker tournament and bowling tournament to create a scene in Las Vegas reminiscent of the dystopian scenes from every 80’s after school movie where the punks take over and civil society is at their mercy.

2019’s headliners included Rancid, Descendents and The Specials. Here are a few pictures from this year’s festivities…





(you can view larger versions of the images or purchase archival prints or digital images by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.)


The Damned’s Dave Vanian.


Captain Sensible of The Damned.




A few thousand punks taking over downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Adolescents paying homage to their founding bass player, Steve Soto, who died in 2018.


FLAG vocalist, Keith Morris.


FLAG, with classic Black Flag members, Billy Stevenson, Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski and Dez Cadena.



Rancid’s Tim Armstrong.


Fucked Up.


Fucked Up vocalist, Damian Abraham.


Descendents headline Night 2.


FLAG’s Keith Morris.


The Vandals.


Punk Rock Bowling.


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