Iron Mountain

abandoned Iron Mountain Ski Resort in the Sierras.single family cabin with Little Rabbit Lift in the background


Iron Mountain Ski Resort


Operating in the Kit Carson Pass area of California, about 13 miles west of Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Iron Mountain Ski Resort (previously called Ski Sundown and Silver Basin Ski Resort) went through a series of owners and attempts at redevelopment before finally being left to the elements.

Last operated in 1995, Iron Mountain ran as a “reverse” ski lift, where lifts would bring riders from the bottom of the slopes to the lodge and main buildings and parking areas at the mountain’s top.

No power lines run over the pass, so, like Kirkwood, Iron Mountain had a generator and produced its own power. It also had a full service lodge, two-story motel, maintenance shop, and multiple lifts. Most of these buildings have since decayed at the hands of annual snows, vandalism and questionable fires.

Iron Mountain was amongst the first ski area’s in California to allow snowboarders on its slopes. Other resorts, however, weren’t far behind, and its niche market was not to last.


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Iron Mountain ski resort sits abandoned near Kirkwood Ski Resort on California's Highway 88 in the Sierras.Little Rabbit lift


The abandoned Iron Mountain Ski Lift in California's Sierras near Lake Tahoe.charred remains of Timber lift


California's abandoned Iron Mountain ski lift buildings.


The abandoned remains of Iron Mountain ski resort on the site of California's Iron Mountain Sno Park.


The Iron Mountain abandoned ski resort in northern California.Bruin lift


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