Janie’s Ranch

Janie's Ranch Brothel


Janie’s Ranch


Located on Nevada’s Highway 6 between Tonopah, Nevada and Bishop California, Janie’s Ranch was a brothel constructed of multiple trailers parked side by side with connecting rooms and hallways.

The ranch was built on land occupied by a former railroad stop, located near a cluster of fresh water springs piped down to fuel the steam locomotives. During the ranch’s existence, that water was used to feed the lush foliage surrounding the property, as well as a pond that sat behind the owner’s house.

Former owner, Betty, wanted to house the women in separate rooms than those they entertained in, reserving one wing of the trailer complex for living and bathing, and the other for entertaining. It’s also rumored that she had cameras and intercoms installed throughout the entertaining rooms, and would yell through the intercoms at particularly disagreeable customers.

The entertaining rooms ranged from typical square rooms with beds and televisions to rooms that were once outfitted with shag floor and wall carpeting, a round bed, and a heart-shaped jacuzzi tub.

Janie’s Ranch sat near several mines, and advertised throughout the nearby California towns of Bishop and Mammoth Lakes. Women from the ranch sometimes participated in the city of Bishop’s annual Mule Days Parade. A dirt airstrip also remains adjacent to the ranch which facilitated the visits of out-of-town customers.

Janie’s Ranch closed sometime in the early 1990’s.



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Janie’s Ranch.


Brothel Facade
The facade of the Ranch.


Brothel Bedroom
A typical entertaining bedroom at Janie’s Ranch.


Janie's Ranch Hallway
Hallway through the entertaining wing.


Round Bed
A support frame for a round bed in one of the entertaining suites.


Heart Shaped Jacuzzi Tub
The hole and piping for a heart-shaped jacuzzi sit in a room that was outfitted with shag carpeting covering the floor and walls.


Fantasy Suite




Will Travel
Emphasizing cheap no-frills construction for a quick financial return, Janie’s, like many older brothels, were trailers hauled into place and left.


Behind plywood exteriors you can see that this trailer literally sat on wood and cinder blocks.


Must Shower Once Per Day
Unlike most Nevada brothels, the women lived and entertained in separate rooms. This bathtub is in the wing where workers lived.


Waiting Room
The parlor.


Don't Make Them Like They Used To
A view of the multiple trailers and additions of Janie’s Ranch.


Lonely Roads


A view over the remains of Janie’s Ranch abandoned brothel.


janie's ranch milky way night
Clear night skies over Janie’s Ranch.



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Max Ludek
01:41 February 11, 2017

Who was Janie? It seems like there's a story there.

Bill Boling
08:29 August 13, 2017

Thanks for the nice page about Janie's. The place was held in warm regard by Owen's Valley hang glider pilots in the 70s and 80s, as a trusty landmark and sometimes destination. Flights along the western White Mountains sometimes ran out of lift at the NW corner of that range (near Montgomery or Boundary Peaks), from whence a good glide would take you to Janie's where you could get a soda or something. Though I only landed there once (84 or 85 IIRC), I flew in the area occasionally until 1993. I'm a bit sorry to hear this now old news - it must have closed just about when I quit flying.

    17:22 August 16, 2017

    hey Bill, thanks for the note! It's always hard digging up info on these old places, since many seemed to close before the internet came along to preserve and document things. Hang gliding to the ranch for a soda definitely sounds like a wild time!

23:15 November 2, 2017

Had family living at Benton Station in the early 1970s, just over the CA/NV border from Janie's. The place was very busy in those days, with planes coming and going and a lot full of big rig trucks. My uncle, a retired carpenter, did occasional repair and remodel work there. My uncle also worked building the new edition of Montgomery Pass Lodge. Between Janie's, Montgomery Pass Lodge, and the big truck stop at Coledale Jct, there was a lot of traffic on Hwy 6 in the day. A whole lot quieter these days. Makes me sad.

    04:00 November 6, 2017

    That's hard to imagine seeing how empty that highway is today! The Montgomery Pass Lodge is a favorite place of mine to stop and wander around inside the abandoned casino and dining area when I pass through, but it's rare to see much traffic anywhere along the road. Thanks for the note!

07:17 November 19, 2017

I grew up visiting my grandparents in the area. Janie's was a neighbor that was passed on the way to Soper's Montgomery Pass Casino where my grandmother ran the diner. I believe my grandfathers old Catapillar bulldozer is still sitting behind the remains of the casino. I have a lot of memories of this area.

23:34 July 18, 2018

From the ages of 10 through 14 , I spent my summers in Benton. I remember hearing stories about Janie's Ranch. I'm 53 now and still remembered the name to look it up. I dont think i ever actually saw it until now. As most things from my childhood, not much left. Thank you for the photos.

    06:27 June 27, 2023

    My parents were dealers for Bud Sopher back in 1974 in the old casino on the west side of the road. I took my parents truck to Benton Monday thru Friday to catch the school bus to Bishop High School.. Larry who was the Jew who ran the casino for Bud lived right behind the casino and my parents lived in the house just behind Larrys and I lived in the little shack right next to my parents, I used to sneak up into the surveillance room and watch my Dad deal blackjack. I wasn't suppose to be there but I did and no one ever found out. We moved away and came back and worked in the new casino Bud built on the east side of the road...this time my parents dealt and I was 21 working in the slot department. Just sad to see it all gone now,

20:10 August 20, 2018

I grew up in Bishop and traveled up Highway 6 all the time. When I was little I remember sitting on my grandparents laps when they played slots at the Casino at Montgomery Pass. They were good friends with Soper. My brother and I always watched for the flashing red light coming from Janie's Ranch. Not until we were much older did we figure out what the "Ranch " was all about. When I was in I was in high school I worked for a well driller/plumber and we had to fix a water tank at Janie's one day. The ladies were relaxing on the outside deck area and enjoyed saying things that embarrassed us as we worked. The ones I remember were not getting business with their looks. These photos bring back lots of memories of the area, but it looks like time has forgotten most of it.

04:34 May 11, 2019

There's no rumor to it they did have cameras in intercoms

    christopher dechesero
    16:54 November 14, 2020

    that was very $$ for camera back then??

23:23 June 3, 2019

My grandfather and a couple friends own this and the land it sits on. They were going to build a casino back in the late 90’s but never did. It’s such a gorgeous piece of property and such a shame to see the dilapidated buildings on it. Maybe someday we can turn it into something wonderful!

05:24 June 28, 2019

If anyone has any info on why it burnt down or u know of my mom Cindy Burris or went by the last name Roberts I would greatly appreciate it.

    02:17 May 8, 2020

    Hi K, I believe I knew your mom. Did she die in an off roading accident?

03:02 July 3, 2019

My dad & his business partners bought that property from the madam that ran Janie’s ranch in 1989. I actually toured the inside of the ranch & my parents lived on the property.

    23:28 September 27, 2020

    Andrea, the property is currently for sale.

    23:36 September 27, 2020

    CJ who is your dad?

16:17 October 14, 2019

Does anyone know if the property is for sale?

    19:28 December 19, 2022

    In 1990 i was apart of a Military Task Force that weeded out drug and meth labs in area. On weekends we frequented the Ranch a few times. A working girl Roxanna Finch was my favorite and unknowingly the favorite of Betty the Madam. It was Roxanne's birthday and she let me stay with her all night for free. Beautiful girl then. Always wondered what became of her?

00:29 January 21, 2020

Went there a couple of times to get laid in 1975 when I was living in Mammoth lakes.Hot springs, hookers, all the snow skiing I could stand. It was pretty rough but I made it through eight years of it in that town

Jastro Winkle
01:14 November 13, 2020

My little brother and myself used to take fresh orange's and grapefruit we picked in Ventura, California to the girl's at Janie's back in the 1970's. They absolutely adored us as I was 18 and my brother was 16. One year on Christmas eve it was snowing too hard to drive home and the girl's refused to let us leave. That was the nicest christmas I think I ever experienced

christopher dechesero
16:55 November 14, 2020

that was very $$ for camera back then??

Jon galt
00:01 December 6, 2021

In October I looked at buying Janies ranch I walked up the mountain to the spring that had the pipe coming down it was quite dilapidated the dam had washed out and the pipe was broken in several places it would have been neat to buy it and fix the pipe up and fill the ponds but when I went back that day I found it had been sold

20:37 July 1, 2023

I worked at the Inyo Conservation Center in 1974. An occasional trip to Janies’ was always a special treat. Too bad it’s no longer in business. This article brings back happy memories.


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