Janie’s Ranch

Janie's Ranch Brothel


Janie’s Ranch


Located on Nevada’s Highway 6 between Tonopah, Nevada and Bishop California, Janie’s Ranch was a brothel constructed of multiple trailers parked side by side with connecting rooms and hallways.

The ranch was built on land occupied by a former railroad stop, located near a cluster of fresh water springs piped down to fuel the steam locomotives. During the ranch’s existence, that water was used to feed the lush foliage surrounding the property, as well as a pond that sat behind the owner’s house.

Former owner, Betty, wanted to house the women in separate rooms than those they entertained in, reserving one wing of the trailer complex for living and bathing, and the other for entertaining. It’s also rumored that she had cameras and intercoms installed throughout the entertaining rooms, and would yell through the intercoms at particularly disagreeable customers.

The entertaining rooms ranged from typical square rooms with beds and televisions to rooms that were once outfitted with shag floor and wall carpeting, a round bed, and a heart-shaped jacuzzi tub.

Janie’s Ranch sat near several mines, and advertised throughout the nearby California towns of Bishop and Mammoth Lakes. Women from the ranch sometimes participated in the city of Bishop’s annual Mule Days Parade. A dirt airstrip also remains adjacent to the ranch which facilitated the visits of out-of-town customers.

Janie’s Ranch closed sometime in the early 1990’s.



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Brothel Facade
The facade of the Ranch.


Brothel Bedroom
A typical entertaining bedroom at Janie’s Ranch.


Janie's Ranch Hallway
Hallway through the entertaining wing.


Round Bed
A support frame for a round bed in one of the entertaining suites.


Heart Shaped Jacuzzi Tub
The hole and piping for a heart-shaped jacuzzi sit in a room that was outfitted with shag carpeting covering the floor and walls.


Fantasy Suite


Will Travel
Emphasizing cheap no-frills construction for a quick financial return, Janie’s, like many older brothels, were trailers hauled into place and left.


Behind plywood exteriors you can see that this trailer literally sat on wood and cinder blocks.


Must Shower Once Per Day
Unlike most Nevada brothels, the women lived and entertained in separate rooms. This bathtub is in the wing where workers lived.


Waiting Room
The parlor.


Don't Make Them Like They Used To
A view of the multiple trailers and additions of Janie’s Ranch.


Lonely Roads

janie's ranch milky way night
Clear night skies over Janie’s Ranch.



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Max Ludek
01:41 February 11, 2017

Who was Janie? It seems like there's a story there.

Bill Boling
08:29 August 13, 2017

Thanks for the nice page about Janie's. The place was held in warm regard by Owen's Valley hang glider pilots in the 70s and 80s, as a trusty landmark and sometimes destination. Flights along the western White Mountains sometimes ran out of lift at the NW corner of that range (near Montgomery or Boundary Peaks), from whence a good glide would take you to Janie's where you could get a soda or something. Though I only landed there once (84 or 85 IIRC), I flew in the area occasionally until 1993. I'm a bit sorry to hear this now old news - it must have closed just about when I quit flying.

    17:22 August 16, 2017

    hey Bill, thanks for the note! It's always hard digging up info on these old places, since many seemed to close before the internet came along to preserve and document things. Hang gliding to the ranch for a soda definitely sounds like a wild time!


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